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LED Optical Fiber Light Source
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Fiber Optic Bundles:

Fiber Optic sensors:

Standard Easy Installation:

Thread hexagonal Heads

Thread , can be easily mounted to the bracket and machinery.

Cylindrical Heads

Suitable for installation in limited space locations.

Integrated Bracket Heads

Sensors integrated into the L -shaped bracket to simplify installation.

Flat - Thin Heads

This thin sensor with mounting holes , suitable for installation in limited space locations.

Liquid Level Heads

Accurate level detection sensors are suitable for transparent tube mounting or immersion.

Wide Area Sensors

Wide area fiber sensor forming a wide range of light beam, suitable for the target will move applications.

Heat Resistant Sensors

Suitable for the high temperature occasion, Max. up to 350°C.

Limit Light Heads

Limit light fiber optic sensor with special design to make light in a specific direction out of light.

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