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Halogen Light Source 100W/150W

      Wide voltage range, the output voltage is stable

      Slow start design, effective protection of light bulbs and motherboard

      Self-power protection, to avoid accidents

      Switching power supply design

      low power consumption, high luminous efficiency

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    Product Item: Halogen Light Source 100W / 150W

    Fiber Optic Light Source

    * The average luminance for Halogen light source H series is at 50mm from the fiber output at maximum volume when a Hecho standard light guide (GOFC-S8H-1000-F1) is attached.

    Product Item: Halogen Light Source 100W / 150W

    H Series Fiber-Lite Illuminators using a wide voltage input slow start design, vertical compact design saves users desktop space. 0-100% linear dimming design to meet customer higher requirements.

     Power save, high brightness

     Switching power supply, smaller body

     Output voltage stability

     Soft start, protect lamp and mainboard

     Excellent cooling system

     Analogy control optional

    Product Item: Halogen Light Source 100W / 150W

    150W Halogen Light Source

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