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What is laser direct imaging LDI
  • March 18,2022.

LDI, the full name is Laser Direct Imaging, is an exposure process used in the PCB process, and the image is directly imaged on the PCB by the laser scanning method, and the image is more refined.


Advantages of LDI

1. Eliminate the negative film process in the exposure process, save the time and cost of loading and unloading the negative, and reduce the deviation caused by the expansion and contraction of the negative

2. Directly image the CAM data on the pcb, saving the CAM production process

3. The image resolution is high, and the fine wire can reach about 20um, which is suitable for the production of fine wire

4. Improved the yield rate of pcb production

The largest market for laser direct imaging (LDI) consumption is the Asia-Pacific region, with a market share of more than 74% in 2019. It is by North America, which accounts for nearly 13% of the global market. For the major manufacturers of laser direct imaging systems (LDI), Orbotech, ORC Manufacturing, SCREEN, Via Mechanics, Manz, etc. occupy major market shares.

Hecho Technology develops and manufactures LDI optical fiber, and can provide customers in the industry with customized solutions for 365nm and 405nm band optical fibers.

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