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Providing OEM & ODM service for Fiber optic products.
About Us

Nanjing Hecho Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the leading Optical Fiber Transmission Solutions provider in China. We provide innovative technology and product solutions for customers in many countries around the world, so that the company and customers can enjoy the value brought by innovation.

From the initial Plastic Optical Fiber Manufacturer develops to covering the complete POF, GOF, and SOF products, including Fiber Optic Bundles, Fiber Optic Sensors, Fiber Optic Light Sources and Fiber Optic Illuminators, OEM & ODM service is provided. Fiber optics are widely used for the global industrial, medical, lighting, optical and other different industries, flexible meet the differentiation of customer's requirements and the pursuit of rapid innovation.

Hecho products including:

1. Fiber optic light source (Illuminator): LED cold light source, Halogen lamp light source;

2. Optical fiber bundles: straight light guide, double branch light guide, Multi-branch light guide, Ring light guide, Line light guide and Short tailed light guide;

3. Optical fiber sensor, including thread connection fiber optic sensor, cylinder connection sensor, Integrated support sensor, flat-thin sensor, Heat resistance fiber optic sensor, liquid level detection sensor and Limited lighting optical fiber sensor;

4. Machine vision, super brightness LED lights;

5. Agent of Japan's MITSUBISHI, Toray, and Asahi Kasei POF Cables;

6. Other OEM & ODM service (Fiber optic transmission solution)

Product Applications:

Fiber Optic Sensors For Industry Applications:

Fiber Optic Sensors Wide Area Fiber Sensors

Level detection Fibers, Wide Area Detection Fibers

Fiber-optic light industrial applications:

Fiber Optic Cables Fiber Optic Illuminator for Microscope Lighting Jewelry Detection Fiber Bundles

Optical fiber for fiber optic spectrometer, Fiber optic for microscope lighting   Jewelry detection fibers

Medical Fiber Optic Industry Applications:

Fiber Optic Light Guides for PCR Holmium Laser Fiber Cable

Optical fiber For PCR Holmium laser fiber for gravel Full function

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